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出自 [词典] originate from; spring from; come out of; stem from; [例句]漫画家拿出了他们最喜爱的出自自己和他人之手的作品。 Cartoonists have pitched in with their favourites from their own and other h

出自某某可以有两种情况,一种是则某某拍摄,这时候可以说:photo by, taken by; 第二种情况是照片由某某提供,这时候可以说photos by courtesy of 某某。

我一直都在照片下面打(Photo By XXX)希望对你有帮助。

起源于 1.originate in 2.originate 3.result from 4.arise 起源于;下来 1.come down (from a source); go down 来自,起源于 1.stem from 2.come from 起源于黑皮诺 1.Pinot Noir 起源于,出自 1.stem from

This word, where is it from, how to write the original

出自于 proceed from They are thought to have arisen with the celebrations of the vernal equinox . 人们认为他们是出自于庆祝春分的来临。

爆料 [词典] tip-off; [例句]她可能会威胁要拿出她的杀手锏:出自传来爆料糗事。 She could threaten to play her trump card, an autobiography of embarrassing disclosures.

该句出自《培根-论读书》很经典:)~~ 读史使人明智(Histories make men wise) 完整一句/段话是:)~~ Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtile; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to con...

普遍遵循的清代严复在《天演论》中提出的 “信、达、雅” 三原则,其他也有各种原则,包括好几种四大原则,例如: 笔译考试四大翻译原则 一、时态原则 二、主语确定原则 三、谓语最小化原则 四、动宾换序原则 四级翻译题需掌握四个原则: 一、翻译...

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