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出自于 proceed from They are thought to have arisen with the celebrations of the vernal equinox . 人们认为他们是出自于庆祝春分的来临。

诉诸于 [词典] resort to; [例句]我们不应该诉诸于武力。 We should not resort to violence.

止于至善的英文 发音: "止于至善"的汉语解释 英文翻译手机版 aim at absolute perfection; arrive at supreme goodness 止 stop; cut out... 详细翻译>> 至 to; till; until... 详细翻译>> 善 good... 详细翻译>> 臻于至善 be at one's best......

执着于 persist in insist on

你好! 审查的类似英文单词有一些,要看上下文来使用。 如 Review,inspect,supervise,examine,investigate 等等。

聚焦于 [网络] focus on; focuson; [例句]在我给教师的培训中我聚焦于对学生的尊重。 In my training session I focused on respect of students.

This word, where is it from, how to write the original

沉溺于 addict oneself to wallow in abandon oneself to be rolling in riot in take...to... addicted surfeit with indulge in... 例:他沉溺于沉思冥想。He was buried in meditation.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day with this current," he said. "Where are you going?" the boy asked. "Far out to come in when the wind shifts. I want to be out before it is light." "I'll try to get him to work far out," the bo...

It would make the world beautiful and easy by understanding others with kind thoughts.So big the world is,I can fortunately meet somebody yet. 有部分意译,但意思没有大的出入,我翻出来的英文不算优美,但通畅达意是没有问题。 希望...

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