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出自于 proceed from They are thought to have arisen with the celebrations of the vernal equinox . 人们认为他们是出自于庆祝春分的来临。

存在于 consist in; indwell; [法]inhere in

止于至善的英文 发音: "止于至善"的汉语解释 英文翻译手机版 aim at absolute perfection; arrive at supreme goodness 止 stop; cut out... 详细翻译>> 至 to; till; until... 详细翻译>> 善 good... 详细翻译>> 臻于至善 be at one's best......

少于_ 释义: Less than,under,subter- 短语: 少于 less than;beinsufficient;benotenough只有少于 only less than不到少于 less than

出身于 be born of; come from; come of; [例句]她出身于一个小康之家。 She comes from a well-to-do family.


沉溺于 addict oneself to wallow in abandon oneself to be rolling in riot in take...to... addicted surfeit with indulge in... 例:他沉溺于沉思冥想。He was buried in meditation.

It would make the world beautiful and easy by understanding others with kind thoughts.So big the world is,I can fortunately meet somebody yet. 有部分意译,但意思没有大的出入,我翻出来的英文不算优美,但通畅达意是没有问题。 希望...

I was not a smart girl when I was young. From my grandfather, even to my mom, there is nobody like me in my big family. 小的时候我并不是一个聪明的女孩。我们的大家庭,从爷爷甚至到我的妈妈,喜欢我的人并不多,如果严格点来说吧,可...

聚焦于 [网络] focus on; focuson; [例句]在我给教师的培训中我聚焦于对学生的尊重。 In my training session I focused on respect of students.

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