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很高兴回答你的问题,以下是我个人见解,希望可以帮到你: the japanese tea garden的中文是: 日本茶园 望采纳,十分感谢。


前后主语一致是可以省略,is written表示被动,动词的过去分词也可以标被动。例;the broken glass。这个碎了的杯子



你句子给错了吧。 不是was explored 是was exported 所以句子应该是: chinese tea was exported by land and sea,first to Japan ,korea,then to India and Central Asia. 所以后面的两个to都是与export 连用的 be exported to some place. 被...

a group of 后面要接复数,只有Japanese的单复数一致,选它了。 其他的要加s。

Japanese tea ceremony scholars generally believe that the Japanese tea was first used by missionary master Saicho monk in the 9th century by the...

First of all, there is one point worth noting is that when the mere mention of the Japanese tea (ocha), it usually refers to the green. A LITTLE...

只能用that作为定语从句的关系代词的情况 请注意带★★的那点, (a) 在there be 句型中,只用that,不用which。 (b) 在不定代词,如:anything, nothing, the one, all,much,few,any, little等作先行词时,只用that,不用which。 ★★(c) 先行词有th...

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